MB Guarnizioni

specialising in industrial seals

The MB Guarnizioni is a manufacturing company with a wealth of experience that makes it dynamic and reliable.
It operates in the rubber sector. Specialising in hydraulics, hydraulics, oil and mechanical engineering, it offers top quality products and services.

Production techniques

The company's current production consists of a wide range of products with various processing techniques:

Stamped Gaskets

Die-cut gaskets

Sheared gaskets

Continuously cut seals

Corporate History

MB Guarnizioni was founded in 1999

Drawing on previous experience and collaborations with other highly
highly qualified industrialists.

The company name is inspired by the founder, Maurizio Bergamaschi, who
after numerous entrepreneurial experiences, landed in 1996 in this
fascinating sector.

The first steps
Standard and special compounds

the company's main focus was on gaskets such as Orings with standard compounds.

Over the years, it has also become increasingly specialised in special compounds and the production of gaskets according to design, which require the creation of specific moulds.

Since 2001
New moulds and the international market

It collaborates with large industries, intensifying its presence in the Italian economic fabric and also starting to expand internationally.
Important negotiations arise with the European and North African markets.

Since 2015
Technological Innovation

Investments in new logistics sites and new machinery characterise these years. Qualified specialisation, continuous collaborations, constant investments in technology and training courses have qualitatively enhanced the team and new ideas.

Today ...

The flexibility of an advanced production area, innovative technologies and processes, and the timeliness of a large warehouse stocking all standard and special materials make MB Guarnizioni an increasingly high quality and service-oriented production facility.

Specialising in industrial seals

Pre- and after-sales advice and assistance

Customer request

We carefully evaluate each of our customers' requests in order to offer customised, quality solutions.

Technical consultancy

Proven experience in various manufacturing sectors: mechanical engineering, automotive, hydraulics, petroleum and pharmaceuticals. We offer tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing high quality and customer satisfaction.


Our production includes both standard and customised production, even with special compounds. we produce customised seals based on customer drawings within a short time frame.

Logistics and Warehouse

Timeliness of delivery thanks to a large warehouse that enables rapid dispatch and delivery.


we offer customised labels to give your products a unique touch. We are here to provide you with a customised service that perfectly suits your business needs.

Consulting and Support

MB Guarnizioni's entrepreneurial philosophy emphasises the quality of the product and service provided by placing the customer at the centre. Large and small companies turn to MB Guarnizioni and find a team of professionals able to respond to every request with the support of a dedicated technical department.

The flexibility of an advanced production area, innovative technologies and processes, and the timeliness of a large warehouse stocking all materials make MB Guarnizioni capable of providing customers with clear savings in both processing time and costs.

Initial technical advice

Realisation of goods

Sampling if necessary

It is precisely because of the wide range of materials available in stock that MB Guarnizioni can meet the needs of the most diverse production sectors: from the mechanical and electromechanical industry to the automotive industry, from design and plant engineering to hydraulics, from hydraulics to aerospace, and even the oil and pharmaceutical industry.

Spedizione secondo necessità

Assistenza tecnica

Finally, MB offers countless services for its customers thanks to its twenty years of experience, providing its initial know-how and assistance in resolving special needs by offering not only standard and customised sizes, but also other customised products with special compounds. Quality and trust are the cornerstones of MB's relationship with its customers, from consulting to the manufacture and shipment of products as required.

Customer relationship maintenance - After-sales service

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