Rubber EPDM

Rubber EPDM consists of ethylene and propylene copolymers that develop long saturated molecular chains that make the compound suitable for contact with many fluids of a different nature.

By adding a third monomer, Diene Monomer, to the compound, EPDM rubber is obtained that has shorter molecular chains than the saturated rubber; this adds to the characteristics of the starting copolymer a good resistance to radiation.

EPDM rubber stretches up to 300% and can be stretched in all directions at the same time (multiaxial response) and is not subject to breakage under tension.

Trade names: Buna AP (Chem.Werke Hüls), Keltan (DSM), Dutral (Montedison), Nordel (Du Pont), Vistalon (Enjay Chemical), Royalene (Uniroyal Chemical), Epcar (B.F. Goodrich Co).

General Features: Rubber EPDM

Operating temperature: -50 to 150 (200) C°

Shore hardness: 40 to 85

Specific weight: 1.02 ÷ 1.40

  • Good mechanical properties
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to permanent deformation (compression-set)
  • Good colourability
  • Good resistance to UV radiation
  • Very good dielectric properties
  • Zero flame resistance

Trade names: Rubber EPDM

Trade names: Buna AP (Chem.Werke Hüls), Keltan (DSM), Dutral (Montedison), Nordel (Du Pont), Vistalon (Enjay Chemical), Royalene (Uniroyal Chemical), Epcar (B.F. Goodrich Co).

Compatibility and Chemical Behaviour: Rubber EPDM.

Good resistance:

  • Ozone and weathering
  • Water and steam, salt solutions, strong mineral bases and derived solutions
  • Glycols and derived brake fluids
  • Alcohols, ketones and other oxygenated solvents

Medium resistance:

  • Sodium and potassium solutions
  • Organic and inorganic acids
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Radiation (EPDM)
  • Phosphorous solutions
  • Strong mineral acids and derived solutions

Poor resistance:

  • Mineral oils and fats
  • Aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Hydraulic fluids based on silica esters
  • Mineral fluids
  • Gases

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