Diffusion and not dispersion

During 2021, MB guarnizioni srl manufactured coloured mattress undercaps for a well-known company in the cosmetics and perfumery sector.

MB guarnizioni srl, a manufacturer of standard and customised industrial gaskets, was involved in the study of its customer’s product.


optimise the packaging
search for the right colour
ensure diffusion of the fragrance over time while maintaining the fragrance inside the packaging
well-known Italian company specialising in body and face creams. New product launch in the perfumery sector for people and environments.

Work carried out:

The packaging of the cosmetics product, with an intense fragrance, created dispersion and the fragrance was not guaranteed over time, also creating product spillage. The packaging was suitable for maintaining the quality of the product but was also inefficient in maintaining the strong fragrance.
Our staff carried out technical tests analysing the most suitable materials for the product and checking the correct thickness to maintain the fragrance.
In order to fully meet our customer’s needs, we also researched coloured materials for the wide range on offer in the cosmetics and perfumery sector.
Colours, layout, efficient packaging are the strengths of a good mission in this sector.