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Industrial Gaskets: standard & customised

Standard design gaskets

Standard gaskets are used for many different purposes by many different parties. In fact, there are designs and sizes of gaskets that are commonly used in industry.

Customised details

Special customised gaskets are made to customer-specific designs and with materials suited to the customer's particular requirements.

Online Seals

Shop our online gasket ecommerce for a wide range of washers and rolls in various heights, sizes, quantities and materials.





Specialising in industrial seals

Pre- and after-sales advice and assistance

Customer request

We carefully evaluate each of our customers' requests in order to offer customised, quality solutions.

Technical consultancy

Proven experience in various manufacturing sectors: mechanical engineering, automotive, hydraulics, petroleum and pharmaceuticals. We offer tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing high quality and customer satisfaction.


Our production includes both standard and customised production, even with special compounds. we produce customised seals based on customer drawings within a short time frame.

Logistics and Warehouse

Timeliness of delivery thanks to a large warehouse that enables rapid dispatch and delivery.


we offer customised labels to give your products a unique touch. We are here to provide you with a customised service that perfectly suits your business needs.

MB Guarnizioni

Industrial Gaskets

MB Guarnizioni is a manufacturing company with a wealth of experience that makes it dynamic and reliable. It operates in the rubber sector. Specialised in the hydraulic, oil-hydraulic, oil and mechanical sectors, it offers top quality products and services

Industrial rubber seals are critical elements in the operation of many machines and equipment, and represent one of our company's areas of specialisation. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we are able to offer high-quality seals tailored to our customers' needs.

In addition, we are able to produce customised gaskets for our customers' specific needs, using a wide range of rubber materials, including silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton and others. Thanks to our ability to customise gaskets, we can meet the needs of any industrial application.

MB Guarnizioni was founded in 1999, drawing on previous experience and collaborations with other highly qualified industrial companies.

Quality and trust are the strengths of MB's relationship with its customers, from consulting to the manufacture and shipping of products as required.

Thanks to the wide range of materials available (also in stock) MB Gaskets can meet the needs of the most diverse production sectors: from the mechanical and electromechanical industry to the automotive industry, from design and plant engineering to hydraulics and aerospace, and even the oil and pharmaceutical industry.